Statement of the Identification Technology Association (IdTA) on San Francisco Board of Supervisors


Washington, D.C. – The Identification Technology Association (IdTA) encourages the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to extend the period for comment and dialog on the proposed “Stop Secret Surveillance” legislation when it meets later today, so that the city, local residents and biometrics experts from the public and private sectors can have a more thorough and thoughtful discussion about the benefits of facial recognition technology. IdTA and its member companies are committed to the responsible and transparent use of facial recognition and other biometric technologies to help make everyday experiences safer and easier. We believe that it would be prudent to spend the next 60 days discussing, among other things, how the technology works, ongoing efforts to improve the technology, and examples of where state, local and federal law enforcement, as well as companies in the private sector, have used this technology for good in communities across the country. There are many sources of objective information concerning facial recognition and biometric technologies, and we hope to have a chance to contribute to this important discussion in the days and weeks ahead.


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